FlashVoc is a vocabulary training app for the iPhone. (FlashVoc is also available for Android.)
Use the many short idle times during the day and learn your vocabulary.

FlashVoc uses the so called Leitner system. When you give the right answer, the vocabulary is moved backwards in a virtual cardbox. The farther the vocabulary has moved backwards, the more infrequently it is tested. Once you do not give the right answer, the vocabulary is moved to the frontmost compartment of the cardbox. This method supports the journey of the vocabulary from short- to long-term memory in an efficient way.

Known vocabulary is tested with the following frequency:

  • after 1 day
  • after 3 days
  • after 7 days
  • after 16 days
  • after 57 days

When using FlashVoc, you do not have to bother about the proper test time of your vocabulary. FlashVoc automatically takes care of the proper position of the vocabulary in your virtual cardbox and determines the next test time. Use FlashVoc daily for best learning results.

In addition to entering your vocabulary on the iPhone, FlashVoc supports importing vocabulary from a simple text file. This simplifies entering large vocabulary sets. (Information about import)

FlashVoc concentrates on basic vocabulary training functionality and a simple interface for distraction-free learning.

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